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TOOWOOMBA shoppers are being treated to a trip back in time all week, thanks to the efforts of the Toowoomba Local Ambulance Committee.

The LAC have setup a display at Grand Central as part of this year’s Ambulance Week celebrations, highlighting the work  the organisation does for the Queensland Ambulance Service and sharing some of its history. 

As LAC member Vince Little explains it, this is the first time the LAC has done a public promotion as part of Ambulance Week. 

“The LAC is to the ambulance service what P&Cs are to schools,” Mr Little explained.

“We raise a lot of money and get equipment for the ambulance service that may be a bit longer coming, particularly with training items.” 

It wasn’t always like that however. Once upon a time, during the days of the old Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade, LACs made up of local community members ran the ambulance service – providing vehicles, manpower, stations and finance. 

That all changed with the merging of the QATB into the state government-run Queensland Ambulance Service in 1991. 

“It was entirely community driven, that’s the thing with the ambulance history. It was a community phenomenon and a lot of people have missed that point,” Mr Little said. 

Toowoomba LAC’s Vince Little, Officer in Charge of Toowoomba Ambulance Station Peter Baron, OIC Highfields Ambulance Station Derrick Scheuer, Pioneer Village’s Chris Kusay, Darling Downs Acting Executive Manager of Operations Stephen Johns and Darling Downs Acting Assistant Commissioner Glen Maule at the Ambulance Week display in Grand Central this week. Matthew Newton

Mr Little said the QATB started in Toowoomba back in…

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