Premier pledges more money for brother’s mine hunt – Australia News


Premier Daniel Andrews has been described as Terry Floyd’s angel after pledging further funds to help find the body of the missing Victorian boy.

On Wednesday Mr Andrews held an extended phone conversation with Terry’s brother Daryl, who has been meticulously excavating a disused gold mine at Avoca in the hopes of finding the remains of the 12-year-old, who disappeared more than 40 years ago.

The premier called Mr Floyd on Wednesday and told him to concentrate on the mine search and “don’t worry about fundraising for the excavation”.

The state government will give further funding towards looking for the remains of Terry, who disappeared from the side of the road at the intersection of the Sunraysia and Pyrenees highways in Avoca on June 28, 1975.

It is strongly believed the boy was murdered and his body dumped down the disused Morning Star mine at Bung Bong Hill.

A relieved Mr Floyd, who has already spent more than $100,000 on excavation costs, said the further state government funding would go a long way to solving the 42-year-old mystery.

“Daniel [Andrews] is a family man and Terry’s story has truly touched him. This latest funding means Daniel is Terry’s angel,” Mr Floyd said.

In a statement, the premier praised Mr Floyd’s determination to find Terry’s remains.

“It was an honour to once again touch base…

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