Moreland City Council keeps citizenship ceremony, dumps Australia Day – Australia News


A third Melbourne council has voted to dump Australia Day out of respect for Aboriginal people months after councillors rejected a motion to move citizenship ceremonies from January 26.

Moreland City Council, at a meeting on Wednesday night, voted to drop any reference to Australia Day on January 26.

The vote follows two other controversial decisions by Yarra and Darebin councils to move their citizenship ceremonies away from Australia Day.

However, unlike Yarra and Darebin, Moreland will still hold citizenship ceremonies on January 26, honouring a previous council decision.

An earlier proposal to change the date of Moreland’s January 26 citizenship ceremony out of respect for the Aboriginal community was voted down in June.

At the time, councillor Annalivia Carli Hannan said removing ceremonies might create a greater gap in the community.

“My concern with this new direction is that it’s pitting our marginalised first nation people against our marginalised new migrant community,” she said.

In 2015, Moreland moved its annual citizen awards ceremony from January 26 to October out of respect for Indigenous people.

Councillor Samantha Ratnam said Moreland would now join forces with Yarra and Darebin council to lobby the federal government to switch Australia Day…

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