Comedian Peter Helliar’s Shots At Hèritier Lumumba ‘Cowardly, Dishonest’ Says Fellow Comic – Australia News


In spite of all the spin and smear, the racism storm surrounding the AFL’s treatment of Hèritier Lumumba refuses to go away, with one of the nation’s most loved ‘brown’ comedians weighing in overnight with a scathing attack of one of the nation’s most loved ‘white’ ones. Chris Graham reports.

At the start of the week, Peter Helliar – a regular on Channel 10’s popular show The Project – probably had no ‘Fear Of a Brown Planet’. But by this morning, he might be reassessing after fellow comedian Aamer Rahman delivered a searing takedown on his official Facebook page in response to Helliar weighing in on the Hèritier Lumumba racism scandal on Tuesday night.

Lumumba blew the whistle on endemic racism within the AFL in a documentary called Fair Game which began airing on SBS’s On Demand three weeks ago. He revealed how during the course of his 12-year career he was subjected to regular racist abuse and jokes, and had been nicknamed ‘Chimp’ by some players at Collingwood. After publicly objecting to club president Eddie McGuire’s 2013 suggestion Aboriginal star Adam Goodes should be used to promote the movie King Kong, Lumumba’s relationship with his club nose-dived, and he requested a transfer at the end of the following season.

Lumumba was a guest on Tuesday night’s The Project, and endured a lengthy grilling by host Waleed Aly about the racism allegations he’s levelled against Collingwood, and the AFL more generally.

Helliar – himself a Collingwood supporter – threw in his two cents worth at the end of the segment, lamenting Hèritier hadn’t provided “more details” including the names of players who called him…

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