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Raphael Lee Cass, Byron Bay. 

I noticed the very even, beautiful, black bitumen being rolled flat from the new roundabout at Ewingsdale Road for about 100 metres into Sunrise Boulevard. This new road then joins onto the normal potholed, multifilled and badly repaired boulevard to Bayshore Drive – which will also have a beautiful, black, bituminised roundabout within a year or so.

I am concerned about the aesthetics of consistency. I think the new roads should have potholes built in already, designed by the road engineers to look old so we don’t have any surprises. I don’t want to get used to a smooth road. I might lose the intense concentration I need for avoiding the car-damaging holes. The engineers could also plan for coloured circles to go around the potholes. They could use the bridge’s rainbow colours so we have even more consistency. Tourists will stop their cars, stand in the coloured potholes and take selfies; showing friends how funky Byron Bay is.

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