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*Pic: Flickr, David Blackwell: ‘Walking home one evening in 2074 Paul wondered about the scientific breakthrough reversing the effects of climate change and its impact on his beach condo investment’ …

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull met again with the head of AGL (having met with the heads of all major energy companies). We are faced with a coal and gas promotional show lubricated with a study of an old idea, pumped hydro. Australia can only be saved from increasing power prices by – wait for it – the corporations using the fuels under the Coalition’s preferred system that made the power expensive.

How so you may ask?

Well it is the same coal and gas owners who lobbied again and again to delay action on climate change until in 2010 their power was severely curtailed.

Before that voter pressure for action to reduce emissions kept rising. Attempts at satisfying the demands for action on climate change were made right through the Liberal National period, commencing under Howard with – believe it or not – a Renewable Energy Target.

Howard got so desperate to win the climate change vote that by 2007 he promised, if re-elected, he would take action to put a value on emissions, a price on Carbon, to cause the coal and gas moguls to reduce Carbon emissions. After losing that election he recanted, saying he had lied simply to get elected.

After 11 years of the Liberal National Coalition, a Labor government led by Kevin ‘I’m here to help’ Rudd was elected and began to seek a compromise on Carbon emissions that would satisfy the coal and gas moguls and keep the voters happy. The proposal was well below what the scientific community was recommending as…

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