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Revisiting the good, the bad … and the ugly …

*Pic: Julian Punch receives flowers while signing books at the launch. Soho, site of the launch, was packed …

The book …

Julian Punch receives a medal from the people of Timor Leste

Tonight (Thursday, September 7) represents the end of what has been a cathartic experience for Julian.  Anyone who takes on a task like this where the writer reflects on their life –  revisiting the good, the bad and the ugly encountered along the mortal path, has a kind of purgative experience.  I can presume it leaves some shattered, others calmer and wiser about themselves. Only Julian can tell you how it left him but I suspect somewhere between elated and exhausted!

In his learned (what else would you expect) and perspicacious reading of Julian, expressed in his foreword to the book, Justice Pierre Slicer writes … and these are excerpts …

“We have not always agreed, but mutual respect has never lessened. …  Julian’s life is not defined by his being gay.  Instead his sexuality forms but part of his being a questioning human.

I am able, without hubris, to admire my subject’s intellect, which although honed by a seminary, is curious and rigorous, yet remains protective of his inner self. Sometimes to get inside his mind one needs to knock loudly.  His writing is factual but guarded and the display of pain caused by others is carefully gentled.”

And later: 

“To say that Julian is focused and determined is immediately apparent to some, and he can be interpreted as adamant and obstinate. To those close to him, those impressions are more the product of protection of the unit itself; his writing shows…

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