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Key Tasmanian health groups have released a detailed set of policy recommendations against which all parties’ pre-election hospitals policies can be judged.

The document outlines a pathway to turn around the state’s ailing public hospital system over the next term of government and begin the task of ensuring Tasmanians have hospital care that is at least equal to that enjoyed by all other Australians.

The policy has been endorsed by the Royal Hobart Hospital Medical Staff Association, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, the Health and Community Services Union, the Community and Public Sector Union and the Tasmanian Patient Group.

“On almost all measures, Tasmania has the worst public hospital system in the country,” the paper says.

“It will take longer than a single parliamentary term to bring this state’s services up to the standard enjoyed by other Australians but this paper presents a way to begin that process.

“For many years, staffing and other resources have been run down, failing comprehensively to meet sharply rising demand. Given the generous funding allocated to the Tasmanian government through the GST in recognition of the health needs of our population, there is no excuse for these failures of policy and administration. Short and long term strategies need urgent development with continued attention to implementing these in order to support the Tasmanian health system to meet future demand.

“This paper calls for at least 200 extra beds, 80% of them acute, to be established in Tasmania’s public hospitals over the next term of government.

Most of these beds should be established in the Royal Hobart and Launceston…

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