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YOU know you’re from Toowoomba when you have a hankering for Super Rooster and come across multiple drivers who don’t know how to indicate.

There are many things that make the Garden City unique and The Chronicle wanted to know what reminds you of the region.

The Chronicle asked its Facebook followers to share their thoughts on what makes Toowoomba special.

Toowoomba is home to the delicious Super Rooster – something many residents proud of where they can lay claim to.

Debbie Kuhn was a fan and said: “I know so many people who have moved and when they come back for a visit… they have to get Super Rooster!” 

But it wasn’t all positives with the issue of roundabouts and bad drivers being bought up by many people. 

Lauren Atkin completed the “You know you’re from Toowoomba when…” sentence with “You can’t fathom the concept of a roundabout”; Hayley Taylor with “indicators no longer exist”; Luke Nash with “you can’t drive” and Neall Gormick with “you’re a really, really, really bad driver and you complain about how bad Toowoomba drivers are”.

But it wasn’t all about the driving.

Tracey Cooper highlighted the way Toowoomba people came together to help others in need and Jo Wright wrote about the cold weather.

“You know you’re from Toowoomba when you buy the largest heater from Harvey Norman, wear three layers of jumpers and are darn cranky it didn’t snow for all the effort to keep warm.”

Of course we are known for the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers and our spectacular gardens, so it was no surprise our parks also got a mention.

Barbara McGovern said: “It’s spring – gardeners are the heroes of the city and it’s blooming…

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