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This years showbags were tested out with some old favourites and exciting toys put through their paces.

EXTRA barriers have been placed around the showgrounds to protect patrons from a possible vehicle ramming attack at this year’s Royal Adelaide Show.

The safety initiative is among a raft of new anti-terrorism measures to be rolled out at the Wayville Showgrounds during the 242nd show, which runs from Friday to September 10.

Royal Adelaide Show chief executive John Rothwell announced on Thursday that boosted security would be in place to help protect the 500,000 people expected to walk through the showground gates during the 2017 event.

“Every year we review the show and this year we actually undertook an audit regarding security and safety…(and) we took advice from SAPOL and the other agencies,” he said.

“What we have done is reviewed our gate entries so, for example, on the Ridley gate, which is on Goodwood Rd, we’ve refined where people queue and instead of being close to Goodwood Rd, the queuing now occurs around in our forecourt, which provides really good protection.

“We’ve (also) increased the amount of barriers…around the showgrounds.

Adelaide Show GM Michelle Hocking talks about the showbag selection for this year’s event. Courtesy: Roxanne Wilson/The Advertiser

“Barriers for the show are actually presented by way of planter boxes so they’re not ugly concrete blocks.”

The Advertiser reported in early August that show organisers were planning unprecedented security checks at this year’s show, with bag searches and detector wand scans at entrances among the measures expected to be rolled out.

Mr Rothwell confirmed that these security checks…

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