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BILL Kelly spends several hours a week cleaning up the garbage people are too careless to dispose of properly.

Now the Highfields resident wants Toowoomba people to take ownership of their local areas by cleaning up the streets.

Mr Kelly volunteers his time across the Garden City, sweeping through the creeks and tourist areas to help beautify them.

Highfields resident Bill Kelly, here with his wife Karen, spends his free time cleaning up his local area and key spots around Toowoomba, saying he is sick of seeing residents treat the Garden City like a trash can. Contributed

“I’ve been all over Toowoomba – I’ve been up to the top of the Tabletop Mountain, along West Creek and East Creek,” he said.

“Toowoomba has a problem with litter – what I think is happening is when you start looking for (rubbish), you realise it’s everywhere.”

Does Toowoomba have a problem with littering?

The main streets in Highfields are particularly bad, according to Mr Kelly, often filling a regular garbage bag within an hour.

“It’s mainly Highfields Rd and O’Briens Rd where the rubbish is,” he said.

“The bags take me an hour to fill up.

“I spend about six hours in the nine days (I have off work) picking up rubbish.

“I don’t want to live in a rubbish dump so by leading by example I want to clean up the area.

“Most people aren’t creating the problem, but there are people who are.”

Some of the rubbish Highfields Bill Kelly finds in his local area.
Some of the rubbish Highfields Bill Kelly finds in his local area. Contributed

Mr Kelly even started a Facebook group, Our War on Litter Waste, and hoped to start up an Adopt a Spot through the Toowoomba Regional Council with fellow residents.

“We need about 10…

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