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A JUBILEE Pocket man decided to breach his Safe Night Precinct ban on the very day the Queensland Government introduced ID scanners.

On July 1 at 9.12pm, Mitchell Duncan Whitton, 18, tried to gain entry into Booms nightclub.

After the scanner revealed he was banned, police spoke to Whitton and he told them that he then remembered his ban.

Prosecutor Bernhard Berger said Whitton was subject to an initial ban notice from April 26 to May 3 which was further extended to August 3.

Defence lawyer Elizabeth Smith said Whitton was intending on catching a taxi after a house party before his friends convinced him to have some drinks with them.

“This was on July 1, the first day of ID scanners and (it turns out) they work because he was picked up immediately,” she said.

“There are no allegations he was otherwise misbehaving, he just made the silly decision to go into a club on this occasion.”

Ms Smith said Whitton was making inroads in his football career, and a recorded conviction would winder his international ambitions.

“He is currently playing at an A-grade level at football and has been spoken to by his coach about travelling overseas,” she said.

“He has prospects of of playing overseas in Wales, UK and possibly France and has spoken about exploring that at the end of the season.

“A conviction will have an impact on his ability to get a visa.”

Magistrate Simon Young said Whitton had demonstrated a history of disregarding police banning notices and asked why he shouldn’t consider issuing a court banning notice.

“Police banning notices have had no effect in slowing his behaviour down, (but) a court banning notice breach could lead to prison,” he said.

Ms Smith replied that…

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