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August 29, 2017 12:15:20

Getting a tattoo is still frowned upon in many circles in South Korea. Giving a tattoo is — in the eyes of the law at least — an even greater sin.

Technically, only medical doctors are allowed to do tattooing. Mirae and Yo-Yo, two 25-year-old tattoo artists living and working in the capital, Seoul, are certainly not that.

Mirae is a part-time model with a keen interest in fashion; Yo-Yo used to work in clothes shops, before taking a working holiday to Australia, where she began to consider training as a tattoo artist.

“I used to draw from time to time while I was in Australia, and some of my friends who I met in Australia or while travelling asked me to draw for their tattoos, or they got a tattoo from my drawing,” she said.

Yo-Yo decided she could not only draw the tattoos but give them, too.

“I think it’s more meaningful,” she said.

Yo-Yo’s not too worried about the fact the profession she has chosen is illegal.

“I think it’s quite silly,” she said. “Have a look around — you guys can see lots of people who have a tattoo.”

The studio the young women share with about eight other artists is located underground, like many tattoo businesses. However, outside the entrance is a large sign displaying the business’s name and line of work.


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