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A SINGLE Whitsunday mum-of-four thought it was a bad joke when she received a letter in the mail informing her that her six-month lease on a Cannonvale property wasn’t being renewed.

After moving from Brisbane to start afresh in one of Queensland’s favourite holiday destinations, her world imploded around her in a matter of minutes.

Left with no permanent address, she sent her teenage son to live with his father in Brisbane and was forced to split up her two teenage daughters while seeking new rental accommodation.

She spent two harrowing months house-hunting before finally being handed the keys to an inferior replacement home just this week – after more than 10 unsuccessful applications.

“Two of the children are teenagers and have been living at different houses and I have been at different friend’s houses with my two-year-old,” said the beleaguered mum, who preferred not be named for fear of being branded a trouble-maker by landlords.

“We up-rooted to be here and start a new life and now that has all gone to s**t and my son has gone back to Brissie.” Dealing with the housing crisis first hand is executive officer at the Whitsunday Neighbourhood Centre, Rebecca Woods.

She had to deal with tenants being evicted on the grounds their rental properties were “unliveable” in the immediate wake of Cyclone Debbie.

Ms Woods said five months on, leases were allowed to expire and tenants were given the option to sign a new lease and accept a rental increase or vacate the property.

“People are just taking the higher rate because they feel they have no other option,” she said.

“Ultimately the landlord gets their rental increase and they get the…

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