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A GOVERNANCE review into Ipswich City Council has resulted in up to 20 recommendations being put forward to enhance the transparency and accountability of council processes.

New Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli said half, if not more, of the recommendations would be enacted before Christmas and that the community would see “a dramatic change in how the council interacts with them and puts information out there”.

Cr Antoniolli said the community would see “more of our agenda and more of our minutes from meetings” as a result and that a lot could be achieved “just by doing little things”.

Cr Antoniolli said the governance review was undertaken by an independent consultant and peer reviewed by an individual “who has a great deal of respect within local government circles”.

“That review was undertaken by the CEO (Jim Lindsay) before the election,” Cr Antoniolli told the QT.

“He himself was concerned about the levels of transparency.

“I think over the years this council has made an art form of ‘hiding nothing to hide’.

“There has just been layer after layer after layer put on things…protection that in reality wasn’t needed.

“As a progressive society we are removing layers and opening things up right around the world.

“Information is being released and made more available by governments all around the world, but we just never kept up with that.”

Cr Antoniolli said Ipswich City Council had been “hugely innovative but with respect to that (openness) it was a path we didn’t go down”.

“It became apparent to me three years ago that transparency was a cause for concern and the CEO saw that,” he said.

“The governance review, unremarkably I guess, is very similar to some of…

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