New frontier in data storage has come to Toowoomba – Australia News


33 THOMAS St in Lower Manhattan is a windowless tower that rises 167 metres above the pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk below.


When it was built in 1974, it was fortified to withstand a nuclear attack and can exist off-grid for a fortnight in the event of catastrophic power loss.


For years mystery surrounded what actually went on inside the fortress, until last year it was revealed that the National Security Agency used the building.


Data and its storage are big business today, and the buildings constructed to house it are unlike conventional structures.


They’re built for machines, and not for man.


And security is paramount.


Now, Toowoomba has its own version of a 33 Thomas St.


The Pulse Data Centre is an impressive tech fortress, designed to keep data online regardless.


It represents the new frontier: physically storing data and protecting it.


And it is proof that Toowoomba is moving rapidly to keep pace with technology.


While we’ve known for some time that this nerve centre would be on our doorstep, it’s remarkable to see the concrete walls rising from land formerly used for farming and to learn of the centre’s security features.


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