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“FOSSICKERS and graffiti artists leave us alone”.

That’s the plea from Ipswich Vigoro Asociation officials who have reminded the general public their sports ground at East Ipswich is private property.

While the association doesn’t mind people using the grounds for “respectful recreation”, they are upset at the way certain visitors have treated their playing fields and clubhouse.

“We have had a lot of issues at the grounds during the off season,” highly-regarded Ipswich administrator Savage said.

“Not only are we dealing with the usual graffiti and wilful damage to our clubhouse but a more serious issue has recently started occurring.

“It seems that our fields have become a hotspot for people fossicking and using their metal detectors on the fields.”

That may not sound serious but it is for a small association concerned about the welfare of players and the cost of fixing the damage.

“They are leaving significant holes which we are now going to have to fill in as player safety is an issue and could cause a serious injury,” the Ipswich Vigoro Association vice-president said.

“These holes are not obvious at first glance but some are deep enough that a player could easily roll their ankle.

“We have to go and fill them all in now. It’s really frustrating.”

Six weeks out from a new season, Savage said Ipswich Vigoro had owned the Joyce Street grounds for 87 years.

“A lot of the public are under the perception that the grounds are council owned,” she said.

“We don’t mind people walking through there or sometimes families kick a ball around . . . but it’s when they disrespect our property, that’s when we get pretty angry and the…

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