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Tilka Fosmale, Honey Jade, Antonia Canosa, Lisa Apostolides and production crew. Photo supplied.

Need a bit of small change to get your idea going? Byron shire council’s youth grants may be what you are looking for. Aimed at 15–25 year olds the two $2,500 Small Change grants are aimed at supporting projects by young people for young people.

Last year the Byron Youth Theatre (BYT) received a grant that is enabling Tilka Fosmale, BYT members and other local youth create a short video which will expose what it’s like to grow up in Byron Bay.

‘There are many young people doing amazing things here’ said Tilka.

‘There are also many specific issues we have to deal with which some adults don’t really understand.’

Inspiration for the project came partly from BYT members being interviewed by Antonia Canosa, a PhD graduate of Southern Cross University for her dissertation about the effects of growing up in a tourist destination.

‘Having grown up in a tourist destination in Italy I was interested to explore how young people in the Byron Shire negotiate a sense of identity and belonging amidst the continuous flow of visitors.’

Findings from Antonia’s research suggest that young people have a strong sense of connection and belonging to their community, including the natural and built environment, which is challenged by the transient nature of tourism activity in the region. There are several key challenges that young people face growing up in the Byron Shire including feelings of alienation at peak tourist times. Young people have also talked about the perceived lack of safety at these times and of the impacts of tourism activity on the natural environments…

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