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August 28, 2017 22:25:51

Mariah Calman doesn’t act or look like a rapper.

Outside the classroom she’s quietly spoken and reserved, but that all changes once she’s in front of a roomful of Year 11 visual art students.

“I have this feeling that I’m meant to be a teacher. I come across as very shy and very introverted but when I’m in classroom with teenagers I am so very confident and ambitious. That’s where I feel I belong,” Ms Calman said

“Teaching — so little of it comes down to curriculum. A lot of it is about how to engage students, how to differentiate and focus on student wellbeing as well.”

Drawing on the HSC art curriculum, she’s written and performed a rap song to help students deconstruct artworks.

She did it to help her Year 11 students at Ambarvale High School, in south-western Sydney, study for their exams and never expected it to go any further.

That all changed when artist Ben Quilty shared a video of it on his Facebook page. It’s now had tens of thousands of views.

“I thought, ‘Yeah, that’s what it takes’,” Quilty said.

“Art takes giving everything, and she’s giving everything to young artists. I thought she’s got to be one of the very best art teachers on the planet.

“Those kids, I hope they know how lucky they…

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