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THE Australian Insurance Council’s claim this week that in the wake of Cyclone Debbie more than 72% of claims have been finalised has come under fire from all sides for being misleading.

The council, in a state wide mail out touted in the Whitsunday region, 13,500 claims have been lodged and $108 million paid to date from an estimated damage bill of $331 million.

Former insurance assessor with more than 20 years industry experience, David Keane, suggested that the 72% of claims that have been paid only equate to about one third of the total value of claims if the damage bill is $331 million and $108 million has already been paid.

“How many of much of that 72% was from food loss after the power outage?” he said.

“I can tell you as an assessor we come into theses areas and in that first rush of three or four thousand claims we are looking for those little food loss claims or the fence that has been pushed over, where we can say ‘mate here is three grand just bugger off’.

“Then I can say ‘yeah 72% of claims have been dealt with’ but there is still $220 million of the $330 million which is outstanding.”

“And within reason that is to be expected… but the problem comes about when they try and give themselves a pat on the back and say ‘we have dealt with 72% of claims’.”

“Yes is is misleading.”

General Manager Communications and Media Relations at the Insurance Council of Australia, Campbell Fuller said it made sense to finalised small claims first.

“That is common sense we are not hiding anything,” he said.

“If sits a claim for cracked roof tiles it takes less time to resolves that half a house that needs repairing.”

Mr Fuller disputed the claim the Insurance…

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