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Soon in WA you’ll be able to exchange your cans and bottles for cold, hard, 10-cent pieces.

The scheme being considered could be a lucrative business model for school kids looking for extra pocket money, charities looking for a boost and big recycling firms who’ll cash in on a commercial scale.

So how will it work in WA, and when can we expect it to roll out?

Why are we doing this?

Drink containers are 35.2 per cent of all litter in WA. In SA, where they’ve been running a container deposit scheme for 40 years, it’s 17 per cent.

The scheme aims to improve WA’s performance, as well as boosting recycling rates, protecting wildlife and the environment, and give charities and the community the chance to raise funds. Premier Mark McGowan also says it will create “hundreds” of jobs.

How much do we get, and how do we get the money?

While a local school’s rubbish collection may not refinance a whole new library, commercial collections and charities may stand to cash in on larger-scale collections.

You’ll get 10c per container. This could be paid out in cash, or transfer to a nominated bank account.

Other options include vouchers, loyalty program points, transport card top-ups, or prize draw entries. You could also donate your credit to a charity.

Which containers will be eligible?

  • Soft drink cans and bottles
  • Bottled water
  • Small flavoured milk…

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