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August 30, 2017 12:18:46

Is that the flu or hayfever making you sneeze?

Did you know there’s an app that can help you figure that out?

AirRater was developed by Menzies Institute for Medical Research and the University of Tasmania to help those with asthma, hayfever or other breathing problems monitor and track their symptoms.

Fay Johnston, project leader of AirRater, said the app had had about 4,000 downloads since it launched two years ago.

“Certainly for smoke or air pollution we do cover every population centre [across the state],” she told Louise Saunders on ABC Radio Hobart.

“There’s about one monitor for every 30,000 Tasmanians, we’re one of the best globally.”

The app can help users identify what sets off their asthma or hayfever, as it gives information on the types of pollens in the air as well as the density of the pollen.

This helps those with allergies and breathing problems work out places to avoid or times of day when they might need their medication or to stay inside.

Users can also feed back information to the app on their symptoms and observations.

This helps Dr Johnston and her team learn more about what sets off hayfever sufferers and affects those with asthma.

“People report their symptoms, so they learn about their own symptoms and the environment, and we also learn about what’s important at a public health level regarding what’s in the environment,” Dr Johnston said.

Cypress pines kick off an early hayfever season

The pollen season has started earlier this year in Tasmania, with cypress pines releasing their pollen already.

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