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GRAND Central revealed its newest features today, with the opening of the dining precinct and Central Square.

Central Square sits between Victoria and Station Sts and is designed to be community space for residents to dine and relax.

The main feature is the grand staircase which lights up at night.

The space offers seating beside the creek and under trees.

There are also some public art elements, including 12 brass discs which have been inset into the bluestone pavers, mostly designed by indigenous Toowoomba woman Ngaire Winwood.


Gobo poles are also in place which project patterns onto the pavement and are visible at night.

Central Square overlooks the dining precinct, which includes a range of restaurants and cafes new to Toowoomba.

Tum Cha Cuisine and Chong Co opened today and are just two of seven dining options to operate from the precinct, with the others due to open before Christmas.

Centre manager Shaine Beveridge it was exciting to be able to integrate the outdoors with the shopping centre.

“We wanted to add another element to the shopping centre and what better way than integrating the outdoors into a great community space,” he said.

“We aren’t opening everything in official stages. From now it will be a progression revealing new areas as they are ready.

“It’s great to have two new restaurants operating from the dining precinct with more to open in September and up until Christmas.”

Grand Central revealed its new Central Square area today. Thursday, August 31, 2017. Kevin Farmer

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