Donald Trump won’t let anything stop him talking about the border wall. Not even Hurricane Harvey – Donald Trump’s America – Australia News



August 29, 2017 18:00:12

If you took a poll at a Donald Trump rally of his single most important promise, that wall would be it.

Why? Because it’s a concept everyone can understand.

Walls are for keeping things out — in this case, Mexicans.

And as far as Mr Trump is concerned, far too many of them are bad.

Build a wall, and drugs and crime will be kept on the southern side of that beautiful barrier. Simple.

The problem is, Congress has refused to give Mr Trump the billions of dollars needed to build it.

Now he has repeated his threat to shut down the entire US Government if he can’t get the money. It’s a Mexican stand-off.

With the United States facing its biggest hurricane disaster since Katrina, you might have thought this was not a great time to continue the wall wars with Congress.

After all, the battered and flooded cities in Texas and Louisiana need all the federal funds they can get right now.

Yet still, the President sees this as an opportunity to fulfil his promise and brick up a relationship with Mexico at the same time.

And while Mr Trump concedes the American taxpayers will initially come up with…

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