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August 28, 2017 11:54:55

Have your aches and pains felt more pronounced this winter?

As temperatures drop in the cooler months, people often talk about their dicky knee playing up or that they feel less mobile than normal.

But Dr Steve Malinese, a senior lecturer in physiotherapy at the University of South Australia, said that while doctors might be busier during winter, their patients aren’t necessarily in more pain.

“[The pain] probably reflects a change in posture and level of activity [in winter], but as far as rain and temperature [and pain] goes there is not a strong relationship at all,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide’s Afternoons program.

Changing weather patterns and storm fronts can affect some arthritis sufferers, though, with a change of air pressure.

“There is some relationship between [pain and] rheumatoid arthritis with barometric pressure,” Dr Malinese said.

“As far as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia [goes], the relationship is very weak.

“The only [pain-to-weather] relationship that has come out consistently is with high barometric pressure.

“That is with a small subset of patients with rheumatoid and osteo [arthritis] and fibromyalgia.”

So why do we feel like we ache more in winter?

Dr Malinese said the majority…

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