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IF YOU were in Mackay 20 years ago, you would have either witnessed or heard of the events that occurred on Barnes Creek Rd.

Member for Whitsunday Jason Costigan remembers Sunday, August 31 as the day “all hell broke loose”.

He was working as the CEO for Mackay Rugby League and was at the junior rugby league club when everything started.

“I distinctively remember seeing all available police officer on the grounds being dispatched to what was obviously an emergency situation,” Mr Costigan said.

“They just went scat, too bad if there had been any trouble at that grand final that afternoon because there wasn’t one cop inside and for good reason, as I said, it was the day that all hell broke loose.”

He remembers sitting in his office, which overlooked the Forgan Bridge and the Pioneer River.

“I remember crawling along the carpet of my office because I didn’t want to stick my head up and run the risk of it getting it blown away from some bikie on the other side of the river,” he said.

An Outlaws’ member loads bikes near the Cremorne Roundhouse club. Visiting bikies prepare to leave Mackay as the two clubs the Outlaws and Odin’s Warriors come to an agreement. Photo Daily Mercury Archive Lee Constable

Tim Mulherin recalls…

“My first son was born on that day,” he said.

“My wife was in the old mater hospital where the city markets are.

“She was going into a labour and there was a news flash that Lady Di was seriously injured. I was watching TV, she made me turn it off.

“The midwife, said to my wife that Lady Di had died and the next bit of information that had come through was that a state of emergency…

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