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A NEW contender in the battle for division 7 has emerged.

Well-known Ipswich businessman Mike McInnes says he will nominate in the yet-to-be announced division 7 by-election.

Mr McInnes owns Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management, an Ipswich business established in 2010 which offers financial planning services.

For years the Silkstone resident and father-of-two Mr McInnes has been waiting for his opportunity to do what he can to help the people of Ipswich in a public office role. 

The moment Paul Pisasale resigned, Mr McInnes believed his chance had come and has been discussing the opportunity ever since. 

He said he supported Cr Andrew Antoniolli in his mayoral campaign.

Mr McInnes knew, should Cr Antoniolli win, he would have his chance to represent the people of division 7.



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“My aspirations go back to when I was 15-years-old, when the passion was first lit in me for politics and community involvement,” Mr McInnes said.

“I am really passionate about helping people; helping them become more financially stable and to overcome certain obstacles.

“I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people.”

Mr McInnes said, should he be elected, he won’t be a ‘9 to 5’ councillor. 

“I make myself available to my clients 24-7 and I would do the same for my constituents,” he said. 

“I want people to know if they have a problem, they can call me any time.”

When asked about the allegations surrounding Ipswich City Council, Mr McInnes said: “…that’s what they…

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