Deputy Mayor breaks ‘code of silence’ around Paul Pisasale – Australia News


PAUL Pisasale’s right hand inside Ipswich City Council has lifted the lid on a decade-long code of silence that allowed the former mayor the freedom to do whatever he wanted.

Speaking to The Courier-Mail yesterday, Ipswich Deputy Mayor Paul Tully said that because of Pisasale’s political popularity some of his suspicious behaviour went unchallenged.

Deputy Ipswich Mayor Paul Tully. David Nielsen

Cr Tully said unexplained trips out of town and overseas, and rumours about his party lifestyle, were not questioned by council colleagues who wanted to succeed off the back of Pisasale’s popularity and to portray a unified public front.

The code of silence was so entrenched in the council, which has not had a councillor voted out in 17 years, that there was an internal saying: ‘No tales past Gailes’.

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