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TOOWOOMBA widow Tammy Glasgow will always be thankful for Legacy.

Not just because the organisation helped her financially after her husband Neil died in 2009, but because of what it did for her children.

One of the things that Legacy, an organisation which supports dependants of members of the Australian Defence Force who die while serving or who have lost their health, does is run camps for children to mix with others going through the same situations as them to come together.

Sometimes those camps go overseas to places like France, so they can see where the Battle of Pozières took place or they teach children survival skills.

That was particularly important to Ms Glasgow, because her daughter Amber was able to experience what her father did.

“She loves it and she feels a bit closer to her dad knowing if he was still around she might have done that with him.”

The organisation relies on an army of dedicated volunteers, affectionately named Legatees, to carry out its vital work.

Ms Glasgow’s Legatee is Ian Mackenzie, a man she’s developed a lovely friendship with.

“He calls me up to check on me and see how I’m doing,” Ms Glasgow said.

She said she was grateful for the support from Legacy and returned the favour whenever and how ever she could.

But Legacy wouldn’t be able to support families like it does without the support of the community.

Legacy Week, from August 27 to September 2, is a time when Australians can show their support by buying a badge.

You can buy a badge in shopping centres in Toowoomba until tomorrow. Residents can also donate by depositing into a Heritage Bank account (Toowoomba Legacy Inc BSB 638 070, account number 8796912).

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