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CIGARETTE smokers beware, you could be slapped with a fine if $252, if caught dumping your butts in the wrong place.

It comes as the littering is proving to be a pain in the butt for council officers.

Over the past financial year, 39 infringement notices were handed down to smokers for littering – 35 were for throwing cigarette butts from moving vehicles or disposing of a cigarette before entering a vehicle.

The other four infringements were for throwing takeaway wrappers from vehicles.

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Mackay Regional Council community engagement committee chair Cr Fran Mann encouraged residents to think twice before littering.

“We live adjacent to one of Australia’s most iconic tourist attractions,” she said.

“Any litter that isn’t disposed correctly has the potential to make its way to the Great Barrier Reef.

“This poses a serious health risk to our marine life and pollutes our environment.

“It’s also not the image we want to sell visitors if we hope to encourage them to return to our shores.”

Cr Mann also reminded residents about illegal dumping, as in the same time period, council issued 13 infringement notices for people caught illegally dumping between 200L (a wheelie bin full) and 2500L of waste.

She said it was unfair that some people in the community expected others to clean-up after them.

“At this time of year, with the cane harvest under way, farmers are finding illegally dumped materials in their paddocks,” she said.

“This is a cost to the farmer, not only to clean-up the mess, but also with lost time and potential damage to harvesting equipment.

“Rubbish should…

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