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UP to 680,000 birds will form part of the region’s newest animal processing facility.

Revealed only days after it was announced two Ipswich meat processing plants would close, Steggles and Churchill Abattoir, a 16-shed poultry farm has been approved at Tarome.

Scenic Rim Regional Council approved the development of an intensive animal industry on a 975-hectare property on Simmonds Rd, Tarome.

A total of 16 sheds with a gross floor area of 41,332 square metres will be constructed in five clusters across the property.

Each shed will have a capacity of 42,500 birds providing a maximum of 680,000 birds at the site at any one time.

It’s the second of its kind in the area, after a similar developed was approved at Moorang, 14km away, in April last year.

The approval for a 720,000 chicken facility sparked concerns from residents in the Moorang and Rosevale areas who formed the Scenic Rim Sustainable Development Group in protest.

SRSDG member Rod Davis said the community feared industrial poultry farm built on the 480-hectare property would threaten the area’s picturesque nature and open the doors for similar facilities to be established in the area.

Planning and Development Committee chair Cr Rick Stanfield said the proposed development at Tarome demonstrated general compliance with relevant planning and environmental requirements.

“The applicant proposes an agricultural use which is consistent with the desired outcomes of the Boonah Shire Planning Scheme 2006,” Cr Stanfield said.

“It is further considered to be generally consistent with the existing character and amenity of the locality.”

Cr Stanfield said the applicant had also received…

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