50 fed-up graziers break silence on Shoalwater safety concerns – Australia News


SAFETY concerns for livestock and children living in the Shoalwater Bay flight area continue to be raised with farmers outlining why their concerns are only being raised now.

The Singapore Armed Forces, who have been conducting Exercise Wallaby at Shoalwater Bay Military Training Facility for 26 years, started this year’s exercise yesterday.

But landowners, who have raised concerns since Talisman Saber about low flying large military aircraft, are still struggling to get answers about how to keep their cattle and their children safe.

Many people in the community have asked why farmers are only complaining now – with the exercise having taken place at Shoalwater for the past 26 years.

“While aircraft operations have been the subject of noise complaints, there have been no reported safety incidents that have resulted from Exercise Wallaby,” the office of the Minister for Defence said in a statement issued to The Morning Bulletin this week.

“Defence has implemented a process which allows local property owners to request ‘no fly areas’ over their properties for periods where they believe aircraft operations may create safety issues during mustering. This process will be in place during the period August 31 to September 21 2017 and is aimed at avoiding problems, particularly with cattle mustering, which may be caused by Singaporean aircraft flying to the training area whilst still allowing the aircrews to achieve valuable training outcomes.”

Shoalwater Bay land owner and aviation expert Roger Toole said while there had not been any complaints made, it doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any issues.

He said graziers just haven’t spoken up about it until…

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