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IT SEEMS Mackay has survived the worst of the flu season, despite 131 confirmed influenza cases reported in just one week.

For the week Monday, August 14 to Sunday, August 20, there were 131 lab confirmed flu cases reported to the Mackay Hospital and Health Service.

But the figures dropped off a bit in the week of Monday, August 21 to Sunday, August 27, with 88 confirmed influenza cases.

So far this year, the Mackay region has had 525 flu cases; which is still almost three times the average.

Last week, the State Government announced they were putting in extra resources into hospitals and the Queensland Ambulance Service to deal with the flu epidemic.

Mackay HHS executive director of medical services and Chief Medical Officer Professor Philip Reasbeck said no extra resources were placed into the Mackay region.

“We believe that while there is a significant and early flu season in Mackay HHS, it is possibly not as severe as Brisbane and southern states have seen,” Mr Reasbeck said.

“We have had some hospital admissions for the flu however have not had to make any specific changes to staff or open additional beds to accommodate these patients.

“We always operate our hospitals according to clinical need; this can mean opening additional beds during periods of high demand and these are staffed from within existing resources.”

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Public Health Physician Dr Steven Donohue said the full severity of the flu season in the region would be “understood more accurately” at the end of the year when a full data set was available.


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