Woman’s cop stab threat: ‘You know I’d f*****g do anything for you’ – Australia News


A WOMAN threatened to stab a police officer with a kitchen knife as he tried to handcuff her partner in their Mount Morgan home.

The Rockhampton District Court today heard the woman had been discharged from the Mount Morgan Hospital earlier that day, and medical staff requested police check on her.

But when the officer arrived the defendant’s partner became verbally aggressive and accused the woman of calling the police on him as they had been fought earlier that day.

Crown Prosecutor Megan Jones told the court when the officer tried to handcuff her partner, the then 24-year-old defendant threatened his life.

“See what you’ve done, now I have lost the best thing that has happened to me because of you,” Ms Jones repeated to the court.

“Want me to go and f*****g get a knife from the kitchen and stab him?

“You know I’d f*****g do anything for you.”

The court heard the woman attempted to leave, but did not make it to the kitchen, and her partner was ultimately capsicum sprayed and arrested.

The defendant was taken back to the local hospital.

A police officer’s life was threatened as he attempted to handcuff a man in a Mount Morgan home. Trevor Veale

Judge Michael Burnett condemned the now 25-year-old woman, whose partner supported her in court, and said the justice system was obligated to protect officers and impose deterring sentences on people who threatened them in the line of duty.

“Your response was entirely inappropriate,” Judge Burnett said.

“The most troubling detail is you threatened to get a knife from kitchen to stab a police officer… to pacify your partner who I know is in court today.

“You and your partner need…

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