Where to get petrol for less than $1 a litre in Ipswich – Australia News


THE newest petrol station in Ipswich has a nice surprise for drivers – unleaded petrol for less than $1 a litre.

Metro Petroleum on Brisbane St and West Ipswich opened yesterday and this morning is selling unleaded petrol for 99.9c a litre for E10, 109.9c a litre for unleaded and diesel for 109.9c a litre, well below the average price of 129.1c in Ipswich today.

A few metres up the road at Puma West Ipswich, unleaded is selling for 132.7c a litre.

It’s been more than 10 years since unleaded petrol was less than $1 a litre.

Metro Petroleum, an independent company took over from Freedom Fuels earlier this year.

Petrol prices at West Ipswich. Emma Clarke

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