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A POPULAR Japanese dumpling and beer bar already in Sydney and Brisbane is opening at Walton Stores in Toowoomba.

Harajuku Gyoza, will offer quick food in a fun and vibrant environment at the 170sqm site which will seat 80 hungry customers, roll 10 different types of dumplings, and pour its own freshly brewed Yoyogi Japanese Craft Beer range. 

“We are so excited to bring Harajuku Gyoza to Toowoomba,” said Operations and Area Manager Masahiro Endo.

“Most people thought we would open our seventh restaurant in Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth, but we really love  Toowoomba. We already have a base of fans here and are excited by the rapidly developing food scene.”

With an atmosphere that has an infectious energy from the moment you step through the door, every hungry customer can expect to be taken on a culinary trip to Japan without the cost of an airfare ticket. 

“There really is nothing like it in Australia. It’s authentically like the hustle and bustle of a popular restaurant in Harajuku, Tokyo,” said Mr Endo. 

Just like its Brisbane and Sydney counterparts, Harajuku Gyoza Toowoomba will serve its full suite of dumplings, yum bowls, and izakaya sides, along with a selection of its most popular kawaii dishes such as the Raindrop Cake and Nutella Gyoza. 

“Our menu is a mixture of classic izakaya-style dishes and dumplings with popular street food trends that the Japanese love. We work really hard to make sure all our recipes are as close as possible to what you would find in Japan,” said Mr Endo. 

And it doesn’t stop with the food. Harajuku Gyoza Toowoomba will also be pouring Australia’s first ever-Japanese Craft Beer brand,…

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