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August 28, 2017 13:05:34

A team of Indigenous rangers has been trained to use drones to monitor land and wildlife in Queensland’s remote north.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) training was run by The Little Ripper Group in conjunction with the Cape York Development Group, which works with indigenous rangers.

The Ripper Group established a drone training academy about eight months ago and has so far focussed on the use of Lifesaver Drones for search and rescue at east coast beaches and also for shark spotting.

The Ripper Group’s Ben Trollope said they were now expanding into other areas, where drones can have a variety of unique uses.

He said the recent training with the Cape York Development Group in Queensland was with Indigenous rangers in remote Coen and Aurukun.

Monitoring feral pigs

Mr Trollope said the drones would be used as part of ongoing programs to monitor feral pigs in wetland and lagoon areas and also to check sea turtle nests.

He said it meant the rangers could now do their own high resolution monitoring, rather than relying on scientists and the use of helicopters or planes.

“We actually leave technology with them, we take UAV’s aircraft up with us and we do the training on those aircraft so they are familiar with those aircraft before we leave,” he said.

”We are giving…

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