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Tassal will make a formal complaint about a drone that is being used to film its operations in Okehampton Bay. Picture: AAP

SALMON farming giant Tassal will refer a case of “drone harassment” against its Okehampton Bay employees to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Tasmania Police.

A Tassal spokesman said employees were feeling harassed by a drone, with the company concerned about their workers’ safety.

“Our divers report that on occasions the drone has been filming just three metres from them when they resurface,” he said.

“This presents some obvious health and safety risks for our team which we are simply not prepared to accept.

“If there was a mechanical failure and the drone struck an employee, injury would likely be significant.”

The spokesman added the drone vision was being “broadcast” alongside false and misleading statements about Tassal’s operations at Okehampton Bay.

“Our people are good people who just want to go to work and do their job like thousands of other Tasmanians on any given day of the week,” he said.

A CASA spokesman told the Mercury that if a complaint was lodged, the authority would review the information and determine what action to take. However, he said without further details it was hard to say whether they could investigate or not.

Originally published as Tassal to act on ‘drone harassment’

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