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FROM international friendships to harbouring future environmental leaders – this month has been one filled with science and success for Whitsunday Christian College.

Year Five students participated in the annual Future Leader Eco Challenge where eight students completed hands-on activities focused on improving the health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef, supporting healthy ecosystems and working towards making the school and community more sustainable.

As part of the event, students needed to construct an instrument to pick up rubbish and it was the school’s own Zoe Shepherd-Smith who won the competition.

REEF GUARDIANS: Year five students at the annual Future Leader Eco Challenge.

The next generation of mad scientists were introduced to the wonders of static electricity as primary students visited the secondary science lab last week.

Co-delivered by secondary students, junior students started their session by using static electricity to move paper before discovering it could make their hair go crazy.

The Year 12 English class presented their final speeches recently in front of teachers, students and parents.

INSPIRATION MOTIVATORS: Year 12 English class at 'Success' speeches night.
INSPIRATION MOTIVATORS: Year 12 English class at ‘Success’ speeches night.

Each student gave an inspirational presentation on what success means to them and challenged their audience to go out and achieve it.

The students excelled, not only displaying exceptional speaking skills but developing metaphors and analogies to motivate the audience.

Sixteen French teenagers on summer camp in the region gave a surprise visit; English skills were put to the test and students clashed in a friendly soccer match.

Described as a wonderful experience for all, the new…

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