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OPINION: WE ARE not the USA! Tony Burke and Labor’s intention to remove of any semblance of our history from the records and make us a republic with no colonial affiliations, is preposterous.

To change Australia Day, our official day of celebration as a nation to another date, have it renamed, far removed from 26 January or suggest a second date for those who are offended by 250 years of European “invasion”, won’t alter historical facts affecting a very small disgruntled demographic.

Those whose vested interests are politically and financially motivated, seem to be trying to make mileage out of this radical move.

How to win votes and influence a pop culture without sentimental attachment to our past, is unconscionable and not in step with realists who have learnt from the mistakes of the past, but cannot erase them by simply ignoring them. To attempt to re-write history is folly. Learn from the mistakes of the Confederate USA states, which had lost the civil war, with their promoted resentment of the outcome to this day.

We don’t need a civil war here.

Should the date of Australia Day be changed?

To attack the icons and symbolism of the past to advance one’s political career is un-Australian.

Labor and its entourage have benefited from our colonial roots, as have many minorities supported financially from our generous welfare and judicial systems. That goes for all Australians. We cannot undo the past. Immigrants come here to advance our nation, not pull it down. A house divided against itself implodes.

The recent attack on James Cook’s statue and two Victorian Councils moving their nationalisation ceremonies away from…

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