Racist place names in Queensland’s north to be wiped off maps – Australia News


By Meghna Bali


August 29, 2017 18:10:09

Ten localities in Queensland’s north containing the N-word will be discontinued and renamed.

The decision comes after community concerns about a place called N*****s Bounce led to its removal from all databases by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines in May.

Other names that have been discontinued include Mount N*****, N***** Head and seven instances of the name N***** Creek, all located in north Queensland.

A department spokesman said the decisions would be published in the Queensland Government Gazette in late September.

“The department … commenced a proactive review of the place names database that identified nine other place names that had a similarly offensive term,” the spokesman said.

The calls come as debate is renewed over the relevance and purpose of monuments commemorating pro-slavery figures in Townsville and overseas in America’s Charlottesville.

Other place names still causing upset

Almost a decade ago, activist Stephen Hagan fought to have the E.S. N***** Brown Stand sign removed from a sports ground in Toowoomba.

It took nine years of campaigning and the demolition of the grandstand before the sign was taken down.

He said…

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