Police warning after rural Ipswich properties targeted – Australia News


IPSWICH police are calling on landholders to secure their tractors and cows after a spike in rural crime in the area.

Properties at Minden, Marburg and in the Brisbane Valley have  been targeted as theft and malicious damage to livestock and equipment costs farmers millions of dollars annually in revenue and loss of productivity, police say.

Landholders are encouraged to secure their property and equipment and remove valuable items that could be stolen.

What landholders can do to improve security:

  • Improve farm, household and personal security and use the security you have
  • Installing Farm Cam – Security Camera 
  • Ensure all property is clearly marked for easy identification
  • Report crime and suspicious activity to police (Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000) Crime Happening NOW Triple Zero (000)

When leaving machinery, tools and equipment unattended:

  • Always know where your machinery, tools and equipment is located
  • Make a detailed inventory of your equipment with serial numbers inscriptions brands etc
  • Engrave or mark your property unique to you
  • Ensure all farming and livestock handling equipment, machinery and tools are kept in a secure area.
  • Photograph or video your property particularly stud stock, machinery and those items that are not easily engraved or marked (secure photographs in a safe place)
  • Never leave the ignition key in or near vehicle or machinery (or disable it by removing the distributor cap, rotor or battery)
  • Make sure it can be seen from the residence (AVOID Leaving it where it can be seen from an access road)
  • Lock and secure pumps, fuel tanks, and electric fence units at their point of use and isolate power…

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