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THEY say “history is written by the victors”, but when it comes to our shared experience of the flood, I hope history remembers us not just beating the flood, but thriving as a city.

There are a lot of conversations happening and reports being written.

We are working out what exactly happened, how we can best help those who are still affected and what steps to take so that we don’t face such a disaster again.

But like all things in life, the goal is often not as important as the journey.

The local story, the one that started the day after the flood, is one of community coming together.

A tale of neighbour helping neighbour and local businesses reopening.

Not every household has recovered and we lost some great local businesses, some are still fighting with insurance companies, but Lismore wants to move on to what comes next.

We don’t forget the past, we learn from it.

Outside the local area we still get the occasional lob of media sensationalism that comes in to trample on our recovery. Success doesn’t sell papers or generate Facebook comments like a little exaggerated opinion.

I have done my best to be there when doors reopened and spread the message, but it’s the doors that have closed which play out in the media.

We miss those who didn’t reopen, but they don’t define our future.

People still come to town and expect piles of rubbish in the street, boarded up windows and a muddy wash across the grass.

But the CBD is busy and active, old shops have reopened and new shops are popping up. The river shines each morning and slowly glides by without a second thought.

We know where we’ve been. Now it’s time to tell the world where we’re going.

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