Nightclub headbutt lands Mackay woman in hot water – Australia News


IN what seems to be a regular occurrence, a Mackay region reveller has faced court over violence in the city’s Safe Night Precinct.

Emily Harrap from Mackay was at Cartel Nightclub on May 6 when she began arguing with another woman, Mackay Magistrates Court was told.

When the woman nudged Harrap’s face, either accidentally or deliberately, Harrap lunged at her with a headbutt, knocking her to the floor.

Bouncers were quick to act and separated the women before the altercation escalated in front of about 250 patrons inside Cartel.

Harrap, 22, who had no criminal history, faced the court on Tuesday, pleading guilty to common assault over the headbutt.

Prosecutor Shelby Larcombe provided the facts of the case.

“At approximately 11.47pm, the victim and the defendant have been involved in a verbal argument with each other … ,” she said.

“The victim touched the defendant on the right hand side of her face with an open palm and the defendant has then, without warning, lunged forward and struck the victim in the head with her head, causing her to fall backwards.

“A security guard who was behind the victim had managed to catch her. Security has immediately separated the defendant and the victim and escorted them away from the bar area.”

After the incident, Harrap used a messaging app to send an apology to the woman she headbutted.

Regardless, on June 8 police caught up with Harrap, who told them she’d been “nudged” and had reacted.

Defence solicitor Geoff Govey, of Taylors Solicitors, tendered a positive character reference and described Harrap as a hospitality worker who was supported by her partner in court.

He said Harrap had “overreacted”, but did submit the victim had…

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