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Local youth employed on the Deadlock set: director’s attachment Tim Eddy, acting in a lead role as ‘Laila’ is Bijou Grace Henry and production attachment Emily Page. Photo Jeff Dawson

Mandy Nolan

There is a smashed up car hidden in a gully. It’s a sunny Friday just before lunch out at Rileys Hill.

It’s not an accident, it’s a film set and it’s day eight of a three-week shoot for the ABC web series Deadlock, a youth- focused TV drama inspired by the tragic accident that took five young lives on our roads just over a decade ago.

Onetime locals Every Cloud Productions executive producer Fiona Eagger and head writer Deb Cox have returned to tell a story they believe needs to be told.

‘This is about the world that exists for our kids under the paradise,’ says Ms Eagger.

‘It’s very clear that this is no longer the story from a decade ago,’ she says, although she affirms that it was seeded from the idea.

‘Deb knew one of the kids involved and became passionate about the story. Originally we did it as a drama; it was like some sort of restorative justice. But it evolved.’

Realising that the bigger story needed to be told to youth by youth, Every Cloud Productions enlisted the help of Brian Elsey, the creator of Skins.

‘There just aren’t dramatic stories on our screens that talk to 17 – 25 year-olds,’ Eagger says.

‘The ones which are, are American. We only have Neighbours and Home and Away and they are all told from an adult perspective anyway. Deadlock is entirely from a youth perspective.’

The youth perspective is pervasive. Although it’s a comparatively small cast and crew, there are young people everywhere. And not just…

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