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This month saw comedian Andy Saunders launch his latest comedy song Man Bun, a laugh-out-loud tribute to the barista bun.

He is heading to the Mullumbimby Ex-Services on Monday 11 September in a double feature with Sean Choolburra, emceed by Mandy Nolan. So what makes Andy Saunders tick?

When I was a kid I wanted to… avoid being blamed for things I was guilty of doing.

If I had an hour with Malcolm Turnbull I’d suggest he… stop saying words with elongated vowels in it, sounds to posh.

When I am alone I like to… play red rover cross over.

Dancing is… easily one of my favourite things; it gives me strength.

The music I love that I am embarrassed about is… New Kids on the Block and T Swift.

My mum always said… to the kidnappers ‘just take him for one more day pleeeeeeease’.

When I drive I like to… practise reverse road rage and I wave to every driver I see; it’s so refreshing for me.

When I die I want people to say… God I loved that funeral.

If you didn’t know me you’d think… I would love to get to know Andy cause I would like to attend his funeral, I have a hunch it would be fun.

What annoys my wife most about me is… my ability to annoy her.

My best quality is my ability to… annoy my wife.

I feel embarrassed when I… get caught playing red rover cross over with myself.

One of the things white fellas say to me that gets on my goat is… Can I have a ride of your goat?

If I won lotto I’d… buy another goat so I could reserve it for white fullas to ride.

If I were in charge I’d… buy every black fella in Australia heaps of goats.

When you see me at Mullum you can expect… me to be waiting for hugs after the gig; every single person…

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