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GRACEMERE has it’s own magnificent seven, but they aren’t there to run out greedy industrialists.

Seven working woman have come together to form the Gracemere Community Feel Good Project.

The group – consisting of Roxanne Hodda, Mel Misztal, Michelle O’Rourke, Liz Graham, Allira Corley, Rachel Bambling and Jacqui Pitts – have organised the Project’s first fundraiser with tickets on sale as of today.

They say while Gracemere is full of country town people and it has a country town feel to it, the community is not connected like a country town.

Mrs Pitts said while Gracemere’s population was between 10,000 and 12,000, there was still a country community feel to the place.

“We felt the community really needs to come together,” Mrs O’Rourke.

Mrs Bambling said the group wanted to change the mindset that Gracemere is just another suburb of Rockhampton to being it’s own community.

That is part of the reason behind the project.

The other is to raise funds for local community groups and organisations, or struggling families and Gracemere residents, without restrictions of who or how they can help.

The women, who know each other through school, business and social circles, came together after witnessing the flow on effects of a fundraiser they were involved with last year.

They felt they wanted to do more for others, but couldn’t pin point one particular charity.

The first fundraiser – Bohemian Nights, Ladies Soiree – will be held at Waraburra State School Hall on October 14 with 250 tickets available.

“Starting from scratch, we are going to try and raise as much money as possible so we have a nice big fat kitty to disperse when the right person or group turn up,” Mrs Pitts…

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