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A MAJOR Ipswich employer has offered advice for workers hunting for a new job after the shock announcement two facilities will close.  

Many meatworkers who will be left without a job when Churchill Abattoir and Steggles close down will need to re-train before they find more work.

Those further down the meat supply chain say boning, slicing and knife hand jobs at local butcher shops do not fit the same skills that abattoir meatworkers have.

It means many workers will struggle to find work right away.

Schulte’s butcher brand and marketing manager Melinda Schulte said while the Plainland business, which employed more than 40 people, was often looking for skilled workers, employees needed to meet high standards.

 “The job is open to people who qualify to suit our business. If they have those qualifications and are willing and able to culture, quality and standards then they are welcome to apply,” she said.

“Everybody will be considered for the job equally, weather they are from Churchill or anywhere else but those standards do need to be met.

“We are constantly looking for really good quality staff that fit our culture and that understand our standards. We are not just a production line, we are a business are we do retail, wholesale and manufacturing.

“If we have someone who has an absolutely cracking interview we will try and do what we can to fit them in.

“We need people that have a wide range of skills, we do it all, we do boning, slicing, traying, package and everything.”

Ms Schulte said many abattoir workers were employed in specific slicer or boner roles and did not have a wide skill base in all areas of meat production.


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