JOBS CRISIS: ‘Ipswich workers, you’re not alone’ – Australia News


WORKERS impacted by the closure of two major Ipswich businesses have been assured they won’t face the hard road ahead alone.

About 750 jobs will be axed within the next six months.

In two separate shock announcements, Churchill Abattoir and Baiada, which operates the Steggles Wulkuraka facility, confirmed plans to close both facilities.

Churchill Abattoir will slaughter its last cattle on September 28 resulting in 500 jobs lost, while the Steggles Wulkuraka facility will close in January with another 250 jobs gone.

The decision will have an impact on more jobs further down the supply chain with at least 27 major south-east Queensland farming operations now under pressure to find new processors to offload the meat.

But Ipswich workers have been assured they won’t slip through the cracks.

Politicians have been in touch with Centrelink to ensure priority assistance will be on hand, while union delegates desperately try to put distressed workers in touch with potential new employers.

Representatives from the Australian Meat Industry Employees’ Union visited both sites yesterday to speak directly with affected workers, although those at Churchill Abattoir have already been assured they will be paid their entitlements.

Shine Lawyers has also made itself available to workers across both sites who may hold concerns about entitlements.

Federal MP Shayne Neumann said the impact would be devastating and likely felt throughout the community.

“We’re talking about hundreds of workers and their families across the two plants,” Mr Neumann said.

“The immediate impact is obviously that this is devastating for the workers but it’s also the flow on…

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