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THE future of Grumpy’s Tavern, Steakhouse and Bar is secure, after new owners announced the business would re-open next month.

Patrons of the popular restaurant in Drayton were left stunned after the doors were closed in early August, seemingly without warning.

But new owners Caity Jones and Nick Luck, who are in the process of signing a new lease agreement, said Grumpy’s was ready to open by mid-September, following the departure of the previous leaseholder.

“We are extremely humbled by the overwhelming support from the local community and through social media, we are both very excited to reopen mid-September and can’t wait to get back to work,” Mr Luck said.

“We aim to continue our relationship with local suppliers, sourcing local produce and supporting our local farmers,” Ms Jones added.

The re-opening will also bring changes as well, with Ms Jones and Mr Luck set to remove the 11 pokie machines and set up a kids room as part of a focus on “family dining”.

“We will still offer the same great service and high quality meals, renewing our partnership with Stanbroke and Oakey beef suppliers, boasting 13 cuts of beef and for a short time our 1kg steak challenge, unique to Grumpy’s Tavern,” Ms Jones said.

Rumours and uncertainty surrounded Grumpy’s Tavern following its shock closure on August 1, which previous business owner Michael Fallon said was related to ongoing lease negotiations with the landlord.

“It is all to do with negotiating a new lease arrangement,” Mr Fallon told The Chronicle at the time.

“We are working through that feverishly and hope to have a resolution within 24 hours by which time we will be re-opening.”


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